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Latest Event Photos

Event Date Event Name
10th May Kilmacolm show
22nd Dec Trec Bonnybridge
6th-8th Sept Adult Bs
30thAug-1st Sept Dressage Scottish Championships
24th & 25th August Achievable Eventing
23rd - 25th August 2013 Dressage with Music & ROR Q
16th - 18th August 2013 Amateur Intro
9th-11th August Pony Bs
2nd - 4th August 2013 Adult BS
26th - 28th July 2013 Dressage at Rowallan
21st July Achievable Eventing
21st July 2013 Amateur BS Show
12th-14th July Adult BS Show
5th - 7th July Pony BS Show
28th& 29th June Amateur BS Show
21st - 23rd June Dressage at Rowallan
14th-16th June Amateur BS
9th June Charity show at Gryffeside
7th-9th June Adult BS
2nd June Pony BS
31st & 1st June Intro BS
24th - 26th May Dressage at Rowallan
17th-19th May Adult BS
10th-12th May Pony BS
3rd-5th May Amateur Bs
26th - 28th April Dressage at Rowallan
23rd-24th April Boyd Exell clinic at Rowallan
19th-21st April Adult BS
12th-14th April Pony BS
5th-7th April Intro BS
1st April Hunt Show
29th -31st March Dressage at Rowallan
15th-17th March BSJA Spring jamboree
23rd-25th February Dressage at Rowallan
15th-16th Feb Intro BS
8th-10th Feb Pony BS
1st - 3rd Feb Adult BS
25th-27th Jan Pony Premier at Rowallan
18th-20th January Dressage at Rowallan
11th-13th Jan Adult BS Show
4th-6th Jan Amateur Intro
29th-1st Jan Pony Hogmanay Special
Fri 28th Dec Rowallan - Adult Intro
27th December Unaffiliated Xmas Sho
21st-22nd Dec Adult Amateur Jumping
14th -16th December Dressage at Rowallan
1st Dec Strathclyde Dressage Group Xmas Show at Muirmill
26th& 27th Nov Jennie Loriston-Clarke Clinic at Rowallan
23rd - 25th November Dressage at Rowallan
19th - 21st October Dressage at Rowallan
28th - 30th September Dressage at Rowallan
23rd Sept Strathclyde Dressage Group Maidenhill
23rd Sept West Kype Dressage
9th Sept TREC Barskimming 2012
2nd September Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
23rd - 25th August Dressage at Rowallan
17th - 19th August Unaffiliated Bonanza at Rowallan
29th July Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
13th - 15th July Dressage at Rowallan
1st July Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
24th June Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
22nd - 24th June Dressage at Rowallan
10th June Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
2nd - 3rd June Dressage Charity show at Etal Manor
25th - 27th May Dressage at Rowallan including Dressage to Music, Para qualifiers, Badminton Young Dressage Horse and Badminton Horse Feeds qualifiers
23rd May Dressage Clinic with Dominique
13th May Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
29th April Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
27th - 29th April Dressage including a Shearwater International Potential Young Horse qualifier
21st April Spring showjumping championship show at West kype
15th April Unaffiliated Jumping at Rowallan
9th April Charity showjumping at Rowallan
6th-7th April Driving clinic
28th & 29th March Boyd Exell Driving Clinic at Rowallan
23rd - 25th March Dressage at Rowallan including scottish farmer final
18th March West Kype Dressage
5th-6th March Boyd Exell Driving Clinic at Rowallan
4th March TREC Competition at Sandyflat
25th February Open Showjumping at West Kype
18th February West Kype Dressage
28th January Open Showjumping at West Kype
13th-15th January Dressage at Rowallan