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Digital Alba

Welcome to Digital Alba, we hope you enjoy looking at the photographs we have managed to capture of you, friends and family and your beloved animals, in those precious moments that we all like to remember.

About Us 

Making up Digital Alba is Claire Finlay and Geordie Bennie, a couple with a passion for not just delivering a simple picture, but the perfect picture.  With our joint experience in the equine world, design and the digital arts, we are focused in delivering more than is expected across all our ventures for the love of doing it and making our clients happy.

Digital Alba was born after we started taking our love for photography more seriously, getting our first SLR and finding not only did we have a natural eye for it, but we fell in love with the whole process involved with capturing those moments, the processing and playing with the images, to getting that final perfect photo.  

With Claire's love for the horses and anything equine, this was the natural first step, bringing Geordie into a whole new exciting world.

As we go forward and trying different techniques, we believe were only at the start of a very exciting journey, the people and animals we are having the good fortune to meet through this is our driving force, and we will continue to work at our best to deliver results you deserve.

Thank you to all those we have met, for your amazing support and help over the months.

Claire & Geordie

Horse & Rider Photo

How to order

We now have a shopping cart system for creating your customised order. Below the Photo ID when viewing a photo closeup, you will find an Add to Cart button add to cart image. Click this to add that image into your basket.

Once you have added all the images you would like to purchase, click on the Basket button that will be available in the top menu and follow the instructions to customise your photos and payment.

Note:  Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery, if you have an urgent request, please contact us at info@digitalalba.co.uk and we will do our best to meet your needs.  Orders made by cheque may take longer. 

Image size and cropping 

When selecting a print size, there is more to consider than what frame it will fit in to.
Different print sizes have different aspect ratios. So for example, a photo that fits perfectly on a 6" x 4" print can't just be enlarged to fit a 6" x 4.5" print. 

The majority of the photographs on sale here at Digital Alba use the aspect ratio 3:2, so 6" x 4" - 9" x 6" - 12" x 8" - 15" x 10" are some of the perfect fits. 

But we understand this size is not always what you require, and so we have provided a number of tools and options to let you get the perfect photograph of these percious moments: 

Selecting the print area Portrait & Landscape
A cropped photo Portrait & Landscape
Our crop tool allows you to select the exact area of the image you want printed, and the size will change with your print size, so you get exactly what you want filling your entire photo. Use the portrait and landscape cropping options within the crop tool to ensure you get the best parts of your photo printed.


CD Images

We now offer a way to purchase a bulk set of Digital Images of the photos, these are sold at a discount but have a minimum price for the initial 10 selected images, with additional images at a further reduced price.  There are 2 options:

CD Images - 2028 x 1352 - £60.00 - additional images £4.00 each
CD Images - 3200 x 2132 - £100.00 - additional images £7.00 each

You can select this under CD Digital in the Size/Price option in the shopping cart against each selected image.

When selecting this, you must choose the CD Digital size you wish for each purchased photo.
*NOTE* Each order come in 1 of the sizes only, and the order will price according to the largest size chosen

CD Images do not need to be cropped, you will be given the full sized image for you to use.

If you have any enquires regarding ordering a CD of Images, please email us at info@digitalalba.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

Please note that digital images are copyright to Digital Alba and can only be used for personal use and must not be used in any commercial publications, if you would like to use these images for any commercial purposes, please contact us at info@digitalalba.co.uk



Sometimes a border on the print can bring it out a lot, and we offer 2 different colours, white border with small black trim, or black border with small white trim.
This is provided free of charge and is optional.

Note, the image size on the print will be reduced, for example for a print size of 7" x 5" the image size would be 6"x 4" or a 6" x 4" print size would have an image size of 5" x 3" as shown here:.


No Border
photo without a border
White Border Black Border
photo with a white border photo with a white border


Payment Options

 PayPal Checkout

You can pay instantly using PayPal Checkout.

PayPal Send Money
You can send the money directly from your PayPal account by:

  • Log in to your paypal account.
  • Click on the Send Money tab.
  • In the To address, enter payments@digitalalba.co.uk.
  • In the Amount box, enter the full Total Charged amount shown on your completed order page.
  • Change the currency to GBP - British Pounds.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • You will be shown a Review page, please modify the Subject and Message to include the Order No you are paying for.
  • Click the Send Money button.


Cheque / Postal Order

Please make cheques payable to Claire Finlay.

Payment can be made by sending a cheque or postal order to: 

Claire Finlay
15 Mulberry Drive
East Kilbride
G75 9LG



Unless stated otherwise, all images displayed on this website are the property of Digital Alba and are subject to copyright, all rights reserved.

Copyright for all photographs, digital jpegs, site files and any other production owned and produced by Digital Alba may not be reproduced or altered, nor used in commercial products/papers or any other purpose other than your own personal use, without the explicit permission of Digital Alba.

If you have any questions or issues while using the site, please contact us at info@digitalalba.co.uk and we will be in touch. 


Please note, due to some print size ratio's, the 7" x 5", 8" x 6"10" x 8"12" x 10" and 12" x 12" selections will require the image to be cropped slightly to fit these sizes. This will not happen if a border is selected.

Normal Prints
6" x 4"£7.50
7" x 5"£8.50
8" x 6"£9.50
9" x 6"£9.50
10" x 7"£12.00
10" x 8"£12.00
12" x 8"£13.00
12" x 10"£15.50
15" x 10"£15.50
Delivery: £1.50

Enlarged Prints
12" x 12"£17.00
16" x 12"£18.00
20" x 16"£22.00
30" x 20"£29.00
Delivery: £3.00

Classic Canvas
30cm x 20cm£46.00
30cm x 30cm£60.00
40cm x 30cm£56.00
40cm x 40cm£66.00
60cm x 30cm£71.00
61cm x 40cm£84.00
61cm x 45cm£90.00
76cm x 51cm£92.00
71cm x 71cm£96.00
Delivery: £7.50

Premium Canvas
30cm x 20cm£66.00
30cm x 30cm£68.00
40cm x 30cm£76.00
40cm x 40cm£86.00
60cm x 30cm£91.00
61cm x 40cm£104.00
61cm x 45cm£110.00
76cm x 51cm£126.00
71cm x 71cm£131.00
Delivery: £7.50

Digital Jpeg
700 x466(Facebook/web)£4.00
2028 x 1352 (ok to 6" x 4")£15.00
3200 x 2132 (ok to 10" x 8")£25.00
5184 x 3456 x 300 (poster size)£45.00
Delivery: £0.00

Gifts - Photo Mugs
Photo Mug£18.50
Delivery: £2.49

Gifts - Etched Glass
Delivery: £5.50

Gifts - Cushions
Canvas Cushion£55.25
Faux Suede Cushion£55.25
Delivery: £7.50

Gifts - Other
Photo Mousemat£19.50
Fridge Magnet£15.30
Photo Keyrings (3 pack)£14.40
Photo Stickers (16 on sheet)£13.10
Coasters (4-pack)£25.99
Placemats (2-pack)£25.99
Photo Teddy£23.99
Delivery: £3.50

CD Digital
CD - 2028 x 1352 (see info)£0.00
CD - 3200 x 2132 (see info)£0.00
Delivery: £1.50